Nine of Cups

Nine goblets sit overflowing with abundance, as yet untouched, but waiting to be taken. What delights await the one who seeks their bottoms? The Nine of Cups turned out to be one of those cards where Stephanie and I interpret it rather differently; fortunately for us, it didn't significantly impact how we wanted to shoot … Continue reading Nine of Cups

Seven of Cups

The seven of cups- beautiful illusions. The lustrous visions of hopes and dreams, the siren song of possibility. The haze of what-might-have-been, what-could-be, if-only... The enchantments of pipe dreams, the distraction of the mirage, the lurid obsession of the vision. The seven was a card where I immediately knew how it should look- fortunately for … Continue reading Seven of Cups

Three of Cups

The Three of Chalices! What a pretty card! The three of cups is a card of joy, festivity, toasting, all those good things. Alliances, friendships, new liaisons. It was clear that this could not be a card with just Stephanie- how lonely! So... we tracked down a couple of willing victims generous friends. Katrina, on the … Continue reading Three of Cups