King of Cups

King of Cups 1.3

King of Cups 1.3

The King of Cups- the Fisher King, the wounded ruler, the compassionate leader so closely tied to his realm that its pains manifest in his very body. The final card in the suit of the psyche and the soul.

King of Cups 2.2

King of Cups 2.2

It seemed straight-forward enough. Somehow dress Stephanie like a king, get by the water, and take some shots. We both liked the idea of a net, we both liked the idea of her with a bandaged or slinged arm. The weather cooperated, and we shot at dusk, catching a view out to the bay that is shockingly devoid of signs of humans. The poses were good, and I’m especially pleased with the net-throwing shot.

King of Cups 3.1

King of Cups 3.1

So why is this one on our potential-reshoot list? Well, because after shooting forty one other photos, one starts to run short on “kingly” wear without getting repetitive. We were trying to avoid duplicating the Knight of Cups too much, but the resulting costume doesn’t work well for either of us. So, we’ll see. It’s on the maybe list.

King of Cups 4.3

King of Cups 4.3

Full flickr set is here, and Stephanie’s take is here. Also don’t forget our actual site,, where you can see all the photos from the whole project in one easy location!

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