Five of Cups

Five of Cups 1.2

Five of Cups 1.2

Five glasses, three standing, but two tipped over, and their contents spilled.

The Five of Cups is a mixed bag, to be sure. Not all is well; there is the loss of the spilled cups. But the majority are still standing, and wait in reserve. The loss is minor, in the long run, however large or disappointing it may seem when all you can see are the cups on their sides.

Five of Cups 2.3

Five of Cups 2.3

I wanted a little bit of a medieval vibe for this shoot- I had felt like we’d done a fair number of somewhat more contemporary style shots, and the cups feel, out of all the suits, like they should be the most fantastical (to me, anyway). The dress we used is contemporary (and actually one of my high school homecoming dresses, circa 1997, hah), but the setting we found I think lends it a very medieval/renaissance sense.

Five of Cups 3.3

Five of Cups 3.3

The area where we shot is in Berkeley, very close to the GTU where I did my masters, so I was somewhat familiar with it. It was a lovely hot day in August when we trespassed on those lovely folks’ driveways and stairs, but fortunately we never saw a soul. My mother happened to be in town, and very kindly came along to be our props wrangler. Thanks, mom!

Five of Cups 4.1

Five of Cups 4.1

Stephanie’s take on the shoot is here, and full Flickr gallery is here, as per usual.

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