Ten of Cups

To me, the Ten of Cups and the Ten of Coins are fairly interchangeable; this became a bit of a frustration to Stephanie as I asked for the millionth time “now… what are we doing for this one again? is this the feasting one, or the eating one?”

Ten of Cups 1.2

Ten of Cups 1.2

The Ten of Cups is a card of emotional abundance vs the Ten of Coins, which is a card of more physical abundance; to me, as an earth sign, these are much the same thing. And even in the traditional depictions, there is definitely overlap- food, family, fecundity, and fortune are all things that we as humans associate with “abundance”, and the difference between these two cards is really just about where you want to draw that line.

Ten of Cups 2.2

Ten of Cups 2.2

For this card, we erred on the side of depicting a family- my ever-so-affable husband, whom people often mistake for Stephanie’s brother anyway, and my dear friend Margo, who happened to be visiting, and who also happened to fit in with the “British Isles Dark” theme we had already going, graciously agreed to eat a tasty lunch and be photographed. I actually love some things about this card- I think they really do all look like siblings or cousins, and you can tell that everyone was having a good time. That said, it has its problems- I worry that it’s too similar to the Nine of Cups, because of the backdrop, and I don’t like the editing I did. It will definitely have to go on the re-edit list, I think.

Ten of Cups 3.2

Ten of Cups 3.2

You can see Stephanie’s take on the card here, and the full Flickr set here. Also, don’t forget that you can see all of the cards, as well as some mini-blogs about them, at our full Black Widow Honey website.

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