Find Me!

Nancy M. Kerr can be found online at the following locations:

Tumblr- Dreamlights

Twitter- @nmkerr

Flickr- nmariekerr

Instagram- nmariekerr

Wattpad- nmkerr

nmkerr Photography– a collection of photographical work.

Black Widow Honey Productions– collaborative artworks with Stephanie Whiteside.

Dreamlights Radio– weekly eclectic radio show on Party 934 Independent Radio.

Songs From The River, Stars From The Sea– a blog of musical misadventure

Oakengrove– a collaborative blog on reading the Bible with Stephanie Whiteside (on hiatus).


2 thoughts on “Find Me!

  1. Hey there fellow party934 DJ. Today was my first time hearing your show and I was really enjoying what I heard! You dropped some great tunes that I have never heard. I really like orchestral music but so much of it is kitsch. “ode to the violin” was an ear-opening experience. You have a great show and I look forward to hearing more. Peace.

    • hey, thanks very much! yeah, classical music gets a bad rap- i’m a clarinetist, myself, but i love some good strings. i’m really glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting and letting me know! 😀

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