Find Me!

N. M. Kerr can be found online at the following locations:

murmurations (a TinyLetter)

Tumblr- Dreamlights

Twitter- @nmkerr

Flickr- nmariekerr

Instagram- nmariekerr

Black Widow Honey Productions– collaborative artworks with Stephanie Whiteside.

Dreamlights Radio– weekly eclectic radio show on Party 934 Independent Radio.

Oakengrove– a collaborative blog on reading the Bible with Stephanie Whiteside (on hiatus).

2 thoughts on “Find Me!

  1. Hey there fellow party934 DJ. Today was my first time hearing your show and I was really enjoying what I heard! You dropped some great tunes that I have never heard. I really like orchestral music but so much of it is kitsch. “ode to the violin” was an ear-opening experience. You have a great show and I look forward to hearing more. Peace.

    • hey, thanks very much! yeah, classical music gets a bad rap- i’m a clarinetist, myself, but i love some good strings. i’m really glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting and letting me know! 😀

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