Page of Cups

Looking at the images for the Page of Cups just breaks my heart- it’s beautiful, one of our best shoots, and… it has to be redone. *cries quietly into a hankie*

Page of Cups 1.2

Page of Cups 1.2

It was a somewhat difficult shoot- we knew we wanted to have the image be entirely Stephanie in the water, and since it was… November? something like that…we couldn’t just go shove her in the Bay, or the nearest pond. Fortunately, we have a friend with a hot tub, and so we popped over to her house and slid in.

Thus began the problems. Stephanie apparently has great physical instincts when it comes to things like intentionally keeping herself underwater, which, while excellent for her overall survival, was making shooting a challenge. I was trying really hard to keep all of the edges of the hot tub out of the frame, because hot tubs do not a pretty picture make, but she couldn’t not flail out to grab something to keep from sinking. Also, she floats. A lot.

Page of Cups 2.1

Page of Cups 2.1

Finally, we got our hot-tub-owning friend to get in with Steph, and pin her legs down so she wasn’t floating all over while I tried to frame shots, which helped. This shoot also definitely falls into the “Oh No, I’m Completely Fine, I’ve Got Great Balance, I’m Totally Not Going to Fall ” group of photos, along with the Ace of Wands, the Ace of Cups, the King of Wands, and a couple of the Seven of Blades. Kids, don’t try this at home.

We finished up, fished Stephanie out of the tub (more than a little over-cooked, poor thing), and realized… we’d forgotten the cup. It kills me every time I see them, because I genuinely think that they’re some of the best photos we’ve done in the whole project, but… we’ll have to do it again. *weeps softly*

Page of Cups 3.3

Page of Cups 3.3

Here’s hoping lightning strikes twice.

See the full set here on Flickr, and check out Stephanie’s take here. And don’t forget to follow along on our site, where you can see all the shots in one place, plus our own card interpretations!

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