Jude the Obscure

Jude the Obscure is similar to several other books on the list in that it was originally published as a serial; was later revised several times in the process of putting it into book-form; is making un-subtle points about society at the time of writing; and is definitely, absolutely, in no way about the author himself, why would you ever say such a thing?

That Quarantine Life

As of September 16th, my partner and I will have been under Shelter-in-Place protocol for six full months. Functionally, since both our offices closed the week before, we have been sheltering in place since March 9th. While some restrictions have been eased since the early days, and while we did move from a Tier 1 county (widespread incidence) to a Tier 2 county (substantial instance), little has changed for us - we do not go out, except for masked walks. We get groceries as infrequently as possible. We attend religious services online. We do not see friends or family.