Four of Cups

Four of Cups 1.2

Four of Cups 1.2

The Four of Cups… is probably the closest thing we’ve had to a failure yet. It’s on our list to re-shoot, even though it always hurts a little to do that. (The perfectionist in me hates to admit that it needs to happen, and the artist in me hates to disown any of my creations.) But… it will happen.

Part of the problem was that we never could agree on how to portray it, and it shows- one of us is in favor of the subject looking at the three glasses and ignoring the one, the other of us thinks it should be the other way around. We couldn’t sort it out, and so agreed to shoot both, and just see what we thought of the results, but I think the lack of clarity shows in the images.

Four of Cups 2.1

Four of Cups 2.1

We also shot it in a hurry, when we were both busy with many other things, and trying to get a lot of shoots in. We didn’t find a good location, so we shot on my coffee table, and covered my couch with a blanket, which ended up looking dreadful in the background. The cups are pretty, and we may reuse them, but clearly the rest of it needs to be reconsidered.

It’s too bad, but sometimes that’s just how it goes, I guess. Just goes to show that you can never afford to do something halfway- you’ll just end up having to re-do it later.

Four of Cups 3.1

Four of Cups 3.1

Stephanie’s take is here, and the full Flickr set can be found here as always.

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