Dreamlights 2/7/2013- “A” is for…

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 2/7/2013:

  • Off The Grid– Abney Park
  • General’s Resign– Alan Silvestri
  • Space Cowboy– Abney Park
  • Flower of Scotland– Alestorm
  • Heart In The Holy Lands– Albannach
  • Azuloas– Atalyja
  • Full Moon Low Tide (Remix)– Afro Celt Sound System
  • One– Ane Brun
  • Captain America “We Did It”– Alan Silvestri
  • That Makes One Of Us– Alison Krauss
  • Song For You– Alexei Murdoch
  • Suburban War– Arcade Fire
  • I– Andrew Bird
  • Valerie– Amy Winehouse
  • Radio #1– Air
  • Triumphant Return– Alan Silvestri
  • Take Me To The River– Annie Lennox

Show is available for download here.

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