Dreamlights 3/28/2013- Holy Week

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 2/28/2013: Lacrimosa- Boys Air Choir "Wherewithal shall a young man..."- Chanticleer Epitaphios Procession I:- Chanticleer Stasis II- Chanticleer "Your hands have made me..."- Chanticleer Epitaphios Procession II: to the Tomb Entrance- Chanticleer Stasis III- Chanticleer "Princes have persecuted me..."- Chanticleer "Look upon me and have mercy..."- Chanticleer Resurrection in Hades- Chanticleer The Descent from the Cross II- Chanticleer Requiem in … Continue reading Dreamlights 3/28/2013- Holy Week

Seven of Cups

The seven of cups- beautiful illusions. The lustrous visions of hopes and dreams, the siren song of possibility. The haze of what-might-have-been, what-could-be, if-only... The enchantments of pipe dreams, the distraction of the mirage, the lurid obsession of the vision. The seven was a card where I immediately knew how it should look- fortunately for … Continue reading Seven of Cups

Dreamlights 3/14/2013- From The Hard Drive

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 3/14/2013: Living Room- Tegan & Sara The Cascades- Fleet Foxes Dilaudid- The Mountain Goats Nothing Like You- Frightened Rabbit Gravity- The Notwist Little Faith- The National Contra Mundum- Adrian Johnston Place to Belong- Little Dragon Paradise Circus feat. Hope Sandoval- Massive Attack Slide- Dido He Films The Clouds Pt. 2- … Continue reading Dreamlights 3/14/2013- From The Hard Drive

Dreamlights 3/7/2013- The Pipes and Drums (rpt.)

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 3/7/2013: Aaron & Lesa- Wicked Tinkers Bare Arsed Bandits- Albannach The Drummers Jigs- Wicked Tinkers Rampant's Revenge- Albannach The Duncan Johnstone Set- Wicked Tinkers Auld Nick's a Piper- Albannach Terror Time- Wicked Tinkers Fanitullen- Tapani Varis The Weird Set- Wicked Tinkers Alexander's Welcome- Albannach Corpse Foot Jigs- Albannach Just Some Jigs- Wicked Tinkers The Gael- Albannach Fallen Heroes- Albannach Harry's Hornpipes- Wicked Tinkers Texas- Wimme Those … Continue reading Dreamlights 3/7/2013- The Pipes and Drums (rpt.)

Six of Cups

The Six- nostalgia, longing for the "good old days", the remembrance of a golden age; but not in a delusional sense- these were good times that really happened, moments shared and enjoyed, time well spent with good company. Whether we look back with fondness or with longing, the six is that lovely light-edged time that … Continue reading Six of Cups