Two of Cups

The Two of Cups- new beginnings, new partnerships, new ventures. Often a card of a budding romance, a new friendship, or a business undertaking.

Two of Cups 1.2

Two of Cups 1.2

For this card I really wanted the symbolism of flowing water to represent the element of the unconscious that is inherent in any new beginning. Call it instinct, call it intuition, it’s present, and I wanted to represent that somehow. It’s easy to take a photo of two people toasting, but it’s more interesting to try and take one in a meaningful environment.

Two of Cups 2.2

Two of Cups 2.2

The other thing this card needed was another person, and fortunately for us, our dear friend Marcus comes complete with his own leggings, boots, gloves, and hats. Also, he photographs well, and is game for dressing up and taking photos. Thanks, Marcus.

Two of Cups 3.2

Two of Cups 3.2

These were a bit difficult to photograph- it was late in the day, and the creek we picked was very shady. One of the less fun aspects of this project is all the scheduling and rushing- getting off work and hurrying off to some location, hoping traffic won’t be so bad that we’ll lose the light. Nonetheless, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, for the most part.

Two of Cups 4.2

Two of Cups 4.2

Stephanie’s take is here, and the full Flickr set can be seen here.

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