Five of Coins

The Five of Coins is one of the few completely negative cards in the tarot, which made it interesting to shoot. While Stephanie and I sometimes differ on how to portray various cards, there is very little room for interpretive differences in the Five of Coins- it is just poverty, and destitution. We knew we … Continue reading Five of Coins

Four of Coins

The Four of Coins is a miserly card- whether that is miserliness out of greed, or penny-pinching out of necessity, it denotes a clinging to one's money and resources (that is not always a healthy thing). We hit upon the idea of accounting fairly early- it was something we had considered for the Two of … Continue reading Four of Coins

Three of Coins

The Three of Coins was a bit of an intellectual challenge for both Stephanie and me during the planning phase of the coins- it's traditionally a card of skilled labor, or career and profession. Stephanie's profession, though, involves the internet and computers, and we really struggled to come up with some way to convey that … Continue reading Three of Coins

Two of Coins

The Two of Coins- balance and measurement, especially of financial or material resources. An apt card for both Stephanie and me, perhaps- we're both old enough now to not be that horrible post-college broke, but we're still young enough that we don't have a lot of resources built up. With our economy struggling for the … Continue reading Two of Coins

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups was shot in January, and given that we were both more than a little ill, it was probably one of our least enjoyable shoots. But we were trying to finish off the last of the Cups so that we could get started on the Coins, and so we soldiered onward. Our … Continue reading Queen of Cups