Eight of Coins

The Eight of Coins was a bit of a difficult one in deciding how we were going to portray it. Unlike some of the others, we didn’t have any disagreements about what we wanted to convey, but rather were struggling with how to represent it without repeating too much of any of our prior images.

Eight of Coins 1.2

Eight of Coins 1.2

The Eight of Coins is sort of a further build upon the Three of Coins, only instead of being in the learning phase, we are now in the practicing phase. Hard work equals eventual success for the Eight, but only if you put in the effort.

Eight of Coins 2.1

Eight of Coins 2.1

We wanted to build on the use of crafting and textiles that we had used in the Three, but didn’t really have a floor loom, or other way to indicate a specific upgrade in skill. Instead we ended up going with cross stitch, and lots of it- pieces Stephanie was working on, pieces I was working on, and the coins.

Eight of Coins 3.3

Eight of Coins 3.3

I think it turned out well enough- it’s not one of our standout works, but I like it. You can read Stephanie’s take here, or visit our website here. Full Flickr set is available as always here.

Eight of Coins 4.2

Eight of Coins 4.2

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