Ace of Coins

The Ace of Coins very nearly didn’t happen. It became a little bit of a fiasco, to be honest- we were shooting after work one evening, which always involves the lovely coordinating of commutes, and attempts to consume food, etc. In this particular instance, the camera got left at Stephanie’s, and so we wound up shooting on her iPhone4, so that we would at least have something.

We also had some rather strong disagreements about how to depict this card- I see the Aces as being more about fulness of potential, almost a Platonic ideal, whereas Stephanie reads them more as being beginnings. Thus, I wanted to show a hoard- to me, a great symbol of potential. Stephanie felt that it was confusing to depict more than one coin, however, so we ended up using the jewelry box to imply a hoard as a compromise.

It’s a shame that we’ll have to reshoot- I think the photos turned out really quite well, in spite of how frazzled we both were. But, of course, being shot on an iPhone 4 means that their quality is not high enough to result in prints or enlargements. So, this one turns into a bit of a practice run, I suppose.


Stephanie’s take is here, as per usual, and you can find the full flickr set here. Don’t forget to check out our website,, to see all of the shots and read additional commentary!

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