Dreamlights 04/02/2015 – Easter Observance

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 04/02/2015:

  • Missa pro defunctis: Introit- New York Polyphony
  • The Black Sea– The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra & Bulgarian Mixed Choir
  • Trad: Spasi, Gospodi, Lyudi Tvoya (O Lord, Save Thy People)– Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men’s Chorus
  • Kedrov: Otche Nash (Our Father)– Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men’s Chorus
  • Lection: Apocalypse 21:1-5– Anonymous 4
  • Glazunov: Plotipu Usnuv (Having Fallen Asleep)- Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men’s Chorus
  • Lamentationes Jeremiae: Vau- New York Polyphony
  • Lamentationes Jeremiae: Zain– New York Polyphony
  • Lamentationes Jeremiae: Lamed- New York Polyphony
  • Lamentationes Jeremiae: Mem– New York Polyphony
  • Babouchka– The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra & Bulgarian Mixed Choir
  • Chesnokov: Spasyeniye Sodyelal (Salvation Is Created)– Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men’s Chorus
  • Chesnokov: Nynye Otpushchayeshi (Lord, Now Lettest Thou Thy Servant Depart)– Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men’s Chorus
  • Kastalsky: Milost’ Mira (For The Mercy Of Peace)– Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men’s Chorus
  • Prose: Regnantem sempiterna– Anonymous 4
  • Arkhangelsky: Glasom Moim (With My Voice)- Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men’s Chorus
  • Rachmaninov: Vespers, Op. 37 – Having Beheld The Resurrection- Paul Hillier: Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
  • Ma fin est mon commencement- New York Polyphony
  • Alexei And Olga– The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra & Bulgarian Mixed Choir
  • Poland– Anonymous 4

Show is available for download here

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