Dreamlights 04/02/2015 – Easter Observance

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 04/02/2015: Missa pro defunctis: Introit- New York Polyphony The Black Sea- The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra & Bulgarian Mixed Choir Trad: Spasi, Gospodi, Lyudi Tvoya (O Lord, Save Thy People)- Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men's Chorus Kedrov: Otche Nash (Our Father)- Paul Andrews: Slavyanka Men's Chorus Lection: Apocalypse 21:1-5- Anonymous 4 Glazunov: Plotipu Usnuv (Having … Continue reading Dreamlights 04/02/2015 – Easter Observance

Dreamlights 3/28/2013- Holy Week

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 2/28/2013: Lacrimosa- Boys Air Choir "Wherewithal shall a young man..."- Chanticleer Epitaphios Procession I:- Chanticleer Stasis II- Chanticleer "Your hands have made me..."- Chanticleer Epitaphios Procession II: to the Tomb Entrance- Chanticleer Stasis III- Chanticleer "Princes have persecuted me..."- Chanticleer "Look upon me and have mercy..."- Chanticleer Resurrection in Hades- Chanticleer The Descent from the Cross II- Chanticleer Requiem in … Continue reading Dreamlights 3/28/2013- Holy Week