Six of Cups

The Six- nostalgia, longing for the “good old days”, the remembrance of a golden age; but not in a delusional sense- these were good times that really happened, moments shared and enjoyed, time well spent with good company. Whether we look back with fondness or with longing, the six is that lovely light-edged time that we hold up in our memories as when life was beautiful.

Six of Cups 1.2

Six of Cups 1.2

As always, the more people involved, and the more props involved, the more fiddly these shoots get. We decided to have a picnic as the staging for this, and recruited a few repeat victims friends and a few new cast members who were willing to dress up and lounge around in a park eating delicacies in the sun. (Sometimes our extras suffer. Other times, it’s really not so bad.)

Six of Cups 2.2

Six of Cups 2.2

It was really the perfect day- warm, sunny, late afternoon in a park in Alameda. Everyone looked great, and was happy enough to pause occasionally in the munching of the delightful repast to lift their tea cups and smile.

Six of Cups 3.2

Six of Cups 3.2

I’m quite happy with how these turned out, over all. They have that dreamy, ethereal quality that seems to be turning up a lot in the cups as we go. I do wish, as I always do with group shots, that there were just a few more with everyone looking the right way/not blinking/not chewing/what have you, but, so it goes. Being very picky with photos of myself, I refuse to edit photos where I think someone else looks bad, even if they’re an “extra”.

Six of Cups 4.2

Six of Cups 4.2

Stephanie’s take is here, and the full Flickr set is here as always.

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