Dreamlights 03/02/2017 – des Fleurs

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 03/02/2017:

  • Mon Amie La Rose– Coralie Clement
  • Iris– Goo Goo Dolls
  • Give My Love To Rose- Johnny Cash
  • Flowers On The Wall- Statler Brothers
  • It Ain’t All Flowers- Sturgill Simpson
  • Dead Flowers- Townes Van Zandt
  • The King of Carrot Flowers Part 1- Neutral Milk Hotel
  • Mon Amie La Rose– Natacha Atlas
  • Razzle Dazzle Rose- Camera Obscura
  • Violet Hill- Coldplay
  • Briar And The Rose- Holly Cole
  • So Like A Rose- Garbage
  • Yeneh Ababa (Rose)- Kenna

Show is available for download here

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