Dreamlights 06/09/2016 – Marian Call Pt. 1

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 06/09/2016:

  • Good Morning Moon (Live)- Marian Call
  • Princess Cupcake- Marian Call
  • The Elements- Marian Call
  • 100 Easy Ways To Lose A Man- Marian Call
  • I Wish I Were A Real Alaskan Girl- Marian Call
  • All Of Me- Marian Call
  • Paper And Pen- Marian Call
  • Vera Flew The Coop- Marian Call
  • At The Races (That Clock)- Marian Call
  • Particle Man (transistor radio mix)- Marian Call
  • Highway Five (Live)- Marian Call
  • Anchorage (Live)- Marian Call
  • Homeward Bound- Marian Call
  • West Of The Mountains (Live At The Snow Goose Theater)- Marian Call
  • Moving Right Along- Marian Call
  • Yakko’s Universe- Marian Call

Show is available for download here

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