Dreamlights 11/29/2012- Singer/Songwriter

Special playlist featuring special guest artist Laura Joy.

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 11/29/2012:

  • Fallin‘- Laura Joy
  • Slow Motion Roast Beef Restaurant Seduction– William Ackerman
  • Poor Girl’s Blues– Jolie Holland
  • Swimming Song- Maddy Prior
  • What I Know– Laura Joy
  • Arrive– Laura Joy
  • Goodbye California– Jolie Holland
  • The Moon Over Tucson– Carrie Newcomer
  • Barn Swallow– Kira Velella
  • The Second Great Tortion Bar Overland Of West Townshend, Vermont, Jose Pepsi Attending– William Ackerman
  • Lover Move– Kira Velella
  • Darlin’ Ukelele– Jolie Holland
  • Love at the Five and Dime– Nanci Griffith
  • Ride Home– Laura Joy
  • Dance for the Death of a Bird– William Ackerman
  • Plan– Laura Joy

Show is available for download here.

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