Dreamlights 5/10/2012- It’s All New To Me

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 5/10/2012:

  • The Cascades– Fleet Foxes
  • The Ghost Inside– Broken Bells
  • Emma Blowgun’s Last Salute– Beulah
  • October– Broken Bells
  • Orange Sky– Alexei Murdoch
  • Dream About Flying– Alexei Murdoch
  • Refur– Unknown
  • Trap Doors– Broken Bells
  • Love You More– Alexei Murdoch
  • The High Road– Broken Bells
  • I Guess I’m Floating– M83
  • Home– Alexei Murdoch
  • Sunday Under Glass– Beulah
  • Breathe– Alexei Murdoch
  • At Your Door– Alexei Murdoch
  • Contra Mundum– Adrian Johnston
  • Score From Augusta– Beulah

Show is available for download here. Look for Nancy- 5/10/2012

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