Three of Staves

Where the Two of Staves was more inwardly focused, the Three of Staves is an outwardly focused card.

Three of Staves 1.1

Where the Two is about what one already has, about taking stock of what one values, where one has succeeded, the Three is more focused on what one is beginning. The look outward for new territory, for new adventures, for the potential of what is coming within sight.

Three of Staves 2.2

I really was taken with the idea of doing a shoot outdoors- spring was coming in the Bay Area, and I loved the idea of planting as being part of this card. This is not only symbolic potential, but emblematic of investing in potential. Gardening, or farming, is an act of both faith and expectation- you take every action you can to work toward a possible outcome, and then it is out of your hand.

Three of Staves 3.1

I really wanted to try and experiment with some more angles and lines in this card- the blades were largely static images, and where the Ace of Staves had been much more movement oriented, the Two had been more static again.

Three of Staves 4.3

The garden turned out to be great- there were growing things as well as leftover fruit from last year. We’ve been really trying to capture warm colors in the Staves, and Stephanie’s outfits combined with the tan of the poles and the random fat tomato made for some really pleasing shots.

Three of Staves 5.2

In the back of the garden there was a kind of fence I’d only seen back east- I don’t know if there’s a name for it, but it’s just colored bottles strung on a wire fence. Regardless, I loved the look, and managed to get it both in a photo for the card, and a couple photos of it on its own.

Three of Staves 6.3

Stephanie’s blog about the threes can be seen here, and the full flickr set is available as always.

Three of Staves 0.2

And one last excerpt.

Three of Staves 0.4

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