Two of Staves

The Two of Staves initially looked like it could be a difficult card to convey- in the traditional Rider-Waite imagery, both the Two and the Three of wands are sort of grand cards without much specific detail with which to engage.

Two of Staves 1.1

We decided to go a different route. We both see the two as an internally focused card- a card of taking stock of what one already has, what one already has done, what is of value in one’s life. I personally liked the idea of candlesticks as staves- I had a very specific image in my head of Stephanie presiding over a Shabbas table with the candles and bread. Tradition and family are important to both of us, and I thought this would be a great way to show that sort of consideration with a strong visual image.

Two of Staves 2.2

We ended up not having a wide variety of poses for this card, but I’m quite happy with what we did end up with. I think they’re evocative, and I particularly love the amount of color present so far in the Staves. (In the interest of full disclosure, the orange wall is in my kitchen, so I’m probably biased.)

Two of Staves 3.3

See Stephanie’s take on the Two here.

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