Six of Blades

I am ever so tardy in posting this particular update, but what the hell. Without further ado, the Six of Blades-

Six of Blades

This was a difficult set to shoot, on several levels. We used two locations- a park on the shores of Lake Merritt, in Oakland, and the Alameda beach (where we had previously shot the twos).

The park was lovely, but what I hadn’t accounted for in planning was that there is literally no skyline around the park that does not include cars, buildings, or people. This meant that I had to take shots in very close to Stephanie and Grey, in order to be able to crop out all the extraneous debris of the city.

Six of Blades 2.2

It was also the first time in shooting two models at once, which is not something I have done much of. As with all things, the more people involved, the more complicated it gets. Fortunately, both Stephanie and Grey were very patient with me and my fussing as I tried to get good shots and not waste all of our time.

Six of Blades

This was also the first shoot where I really became aware of the fact that it was beginning to get harder and harder to make sure all the blades were in the shots at all times.

This is maybe my favorite

That said, I think it all turned out rather well. I know in the future we’ll be doing some more shots with other folks in them, and this was a good trial run. It was challenging, but now I know that I can do it, and that’s always good to know.

3 thoughts on “Six of Blades

  1. I do love how these turned out. I think my favorite poses are the one in front of the tree, and the one where I am behind Grey with my hand on his shoulder, just in terms of capturing the essence of the card.

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