Dreamlights 12/29/2011- Dance, Dance, Dreamlights!

Tracklist and Artists for the Dreamlights Show from 12/29/2011.

  • Hymn to Isis– Waterbone
  • Night of the Lotus Eaters– Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  • Aish Ye Kdish– Charming Hostess
  • Touch It/Technologic– Daft Punk
  • Weapon of Choice– Fatboy Slim
  • Cha Cha– Balkan Beatbox
  • Bus to Beezelbub– Soul Coughing
  • Esturlu– Charming Hostess
  • Aqaba– Natacha Atlas
  • Cha Cha Twist– Detroit Cobras
  • Frank Sinatra– CAKE
  • Timebomb– Beck
  • Push It– Garbage
  • Keep ’em Straight– Balkan Beatbox
  • Ready to Go– Republica

Show is available for download here. (look for Nancy- 29 December 2011)

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