Dreamlights 12/22/2016 – Solstice

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 12/22/2016: Ring Out, Solstice Bells- Jethro Tull The First Day- Anuna The Day's Last Light- Seamus Egan Amanecer (Dawn)- Carlos Nunez Dawn At The Great Pyramid- London Philharmonic Orchestra Dawn: Dawn Is A Feeling- The Moody Blues Sun- Live Akhenaten: Hymn To The Sun- Philip Glass A Glorious Dawn Awaits- Carl Sagan … Continue reading Dreamlights 12/22/2016 – Solstice

Dreamlights 01/14/2016 – In Memorium

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 01/14/2016: Nature Boy- David Bowie Brainwashed- George Harrison Rebel Rebel- David Bowie Wake Up Alone- Amy Winehouse Fame- David Bowie Some Unholy War- Amy Winehouse Space Oddity- David Bowie Pisces Fish- George Harrison Heroes- David Bowie Under Pressure- David Bowie & Queen Valerie- Amy Winehouse Never Get Over You- George … Continue reading Dreamlights 01/14/2016 – In Memorium

Dreamlights 11/26/2015- We Gather Together

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 11/26/2015: Gather The Family- Mustard's Retreat Thanks For The Pepperoni- George Harrision Too Much- Dave Matthews Band Make Me A Pallet On The Floor- Gillian Welch Thanksgiving Waltz- Abby Newton, Jay Ungar, Mary Lea, Molly Mason Hard Times Come Again No More- Kate and Anna McGarrigle We Gather Together- Quincy … Continue reading Dreamlights 11/26/2015- We Gather Together

Dreamlights 10/02/2014- Anniversary Songs

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 10/02/2014: All I Want Is You- Barry Louis Polisar Aura Lee- John Hartford You Never Can Tell (Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Contest)- Chuck Berry Stick With Me Baby- Robert Plant & Allison Krauss Dearest- Buddy Holly If Not For You- George Harrison Love You Madly- CAKE Handle With Care- Jeff Lynne, … Continue reading Dreamlights 10/02/2014- Anniversary Songs

Dreamlights 11/21/2013- Music for a Rainy November

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 11/21/2013: Any Road- George Harrison Ofelia- Javier Navarrete Most of the Time- Bob Dylan Never Get Over You- George Harrison Oh My Love- John Lennon Dance To Your Daddy/The Flaming Drones- Nancy Kerr & James Fagan Where Horses Of Faery Hide- John Doan The River- Javier Navarrete Camping Next to … Continue reading Dreamlights 11/21/2013- Music for a Rainy November

Dreamlights 9/26/2013- Fall-like Songs

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 9/26/2013: You Don't Send Me- Belle & Sebastian Faun- Ólafur Arnalds You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go- Bob Dylan Love Me Or Leave Me- Nina Simone Red Right Hand- Nick Cave A Perfect Day Elise- PJ Harvey Another Pearl- Badly Drawn Boy The Rebels- The Cranberries Refur Beau Fixe- Coralie … Continue reading Dreamlights 9/26/2013- Fall-like Songs