DIY Lit Camp

So, because I needed another project, my usual partner-in-harebrainedness Stephanie Whiteside and I decided that we are going to read our way through the classics. Well. Some of them, anyway. 102 of them, to be exact.

Things I Wish I’d Been Told About Being An Adult Before I Became One

Lots of people dread growing up. Becoming an "adult”, however you may want to define that term. Even if it doesn’t go so far as to be a true Peter Pan complex, it’s something that many people view with a sort of dread, an impending inevitability that will erase their “true” selves and remake them … Continue reading Things I Wish I’d Been Told About Being An Adult Before I Became One


Last night my husband and I got home to work to see our front door standing open. I knew, with the immediacy that you know terrible things, what had happened. I was right. We'd been robbed. Someone took a crowbar, pried the framing of our front door off, and ransacked our house. They couldn't have … Continue reading Invasion

January 28, 1986

27 years ago today, the space shuttle Challenger blew up less than two minutes after take-off, killing all on seven persons on board. Today we remember them, unwitting victims of bad communication and departmental hubris, and brave heroes who dared to squeeze their fragile flesh into a super-accelerated metal tube. I was not quite two … Continue reading January 28, 1986