Last night my husband and I got home to work to see our front door standing open. I knew, with the immediacy that you know terrible things, what had happened. I was right. We'd been robbed. Someone took a crowbar, pried the framing of our front door off, and ransacked our house. They couldn't have … Continue reading Invasion

January 28, 1986

27 years ago today, the space shuttle Challenger blew up less than two minutes after take-off, killing all on seven persons on board. Today we remember them, unwitting victims of bad communication and departmental hubris, and brave heroes who dared to squeeze their fragile flesh into a super-accelerated metal tube. I was not quite two … Continue reading January 28, 1986

Oh, Thank Heaven (Some Christian Nation pt. 1)

Thank Heaven we live in a Christian Nation! An idyllic country founded on God's Own Laws, where we revere Jesus and all his teachings, hold to the sanctity of life and blessedness of humankind, especially Americans, above all others. We were founded in freedom and truth, on Biblical principles, with liberty and justice for all. … Continue reading Oh, Thank Heaven (Some Christian Nation pt. 1)