Dreamlights 05/11/2017 – Drums of May

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 05/11/2017:

  • Alexander’s Welcome- Albannach
  • Aish Ye Kdish- Charming Hostess
  • Pagan Polska– Omnia
  • Miskolz– Stellamara
  • Mons Graupius March– Albannach
  • Strumica– Stellamara
  • Morrigan– Omnia
  • Corpse Foot Jigs– Albannach
  • Esturlu– Charming Hostess
  • Tine Bealtaine- Omnia
  • Uz– 17 Hippies
  • Teutates– Omnia
  • Saragina Rumba– 17 Hippies

Show is available for download here

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