Dreamlights 03/16/2017 – Names Pt. 2

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 03/16/2017:

  • Alexander’s Welcome- Albannach
  • Lord Randall (Live)- Battlefield Band
  • Nancy The Tavern Wench- Alestorm
  • Nancy’s Whisky- Battlefield Band
  • Johnny, Lovely Johnny- Cara Dillon
  • P Is For Paddy- Celtara
  • Kishmul’s Galley- Albannach
  • Paul And Peter Walked- Claire Lynch
  • Miller’s Angels- Counting Crows
  • Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand- Beulah
  • Spencer The Rover- Cara Dillon
  • Auld Nick’s A Piper- Albannach

Show is available for download here

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