Dreamlights 01/21/2016 -Mses Emerald and Wigmore

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 01/21/2016:

  • That Man– Caro Emerald
  • Black Sheep– Gin Wigmore
  • Back It Up– Caro Emerald
  • If Only- Gin Wigmore
  • Poison- Gin Wigmore
  • Excuse My French- Caro Emerald
  • Written In The Water- Gin Wigmore
  • Sweet Hell- Gin Wigmore
  • You Don’t Love Me- Caro Emerald
  • Kill Of The Night- Gin Wigmore
  • Nothing To No One- Gin Wigmore
  • I Belong To You- Caro Emerald
  • Saturday Smile- Gin Wigmore
  • DFU- Gin Wigmore
  • Coming Back As A Man- Caro Emerald

Show is available for download here

One thought on “Dreamlights 01/21/2016 -Mses Emerald and Wigmore

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