Dreamlights 9/5/2013- The Pipes and Drums (Rpt)

Tracklist and Artists for Dreamlights 9/5/2013:

  • Aaron & Lesa– Wicked Tinkers
  • Bare Arsed Bandits– Albannach
  • The Drummers Jigs– Wicked Tinkers
  • Rampant’s Revenge– Albannach
  • The Duncan Johnstone Set– Wicked Tinkers
  • Auld Nick’s a Piper– Albannach
  • Terror Time– Wicked Tinkers
  • Fanitullen– Tapani Varis
  • The Weird Set– Wicked Tinkers
  • Alexander’s Welcome– Albannach
  • Corpse Foot Jigs– Albannach
  • Just Some Jigs– Wicked Tinkers
  • The Gael– Albannach
  • Fallen Heroes– Albannach
  • Harry’s Hornpipes– Wicked Tinkers
  • Texas– Wimme
  • Those Marching O’Neills– Wicked Tinkers

Show is available for download here– select September, 2013, and search for “Dreamlights”.

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