Page of Staves

The Page of Staves. The exuberant unconsciousness of youth. Plunging headfirst into whatever adventure is coming forth. Boldly going where no one has gone before.

Page of Staves 1.3

This first image is by far my favorite. I really wanted a better shot of Stephanie jumping off the swing than I ended up with (which had more to do with the power lines and the dying light than either of us, but w/e), but this one with the orange swing set and the bare feet I think really works.

Page of Staves 2.3

We took a lot of shots with me lying under the swings, which I know made her nervous- having had my front baby teeth kicked out as a kid in two different instances, you’d think I’d be more wary, but I guess it instead had the effect of “ehh, not so bad!”. I then proceeded to be the bad friend who encouraged Stephanie to swing higher and higher before leaping off the swing so I could catch shots of her in mid-air.

Sorry, Steph.

Page of Staves 3.2

I do like the sense of motion and risk in these- she’s leaping into the unknown, maybe not entirely comfortably, but with all the gusto of doing it anyway, which is what I think this card is all about.

Full Flickr set is here.


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