Random Collection is Random

Some links! Hooray! Wander this way to fulfill all your procrastination needs…

1) The Olympics are exciting, even if you’re like me and maybe remember to tune in once or twice during the whole thing. What’s most exciting? Well, it’s entirely possible that it’s the faces athletes make in the heat of the moment. Hint: slo-mo replays are really not vanity’s friend.

2) An interesting image of the declared disaster areas so far this year in the US.

3) Top 50 Pictures-of-the-Day of 2012 so far. Absolutely stunning pictures. Clicky here.

4) Suppressing Protest: Human Rights Violations in the US Response to Occupy Wall Street. A lengthy but very interesting document that is part of the Protest and Assembly Rights Project.

5) For all you creative types out there, a really great breakdown of various ways your brain is out to make you fail, and how to outsmart yourself and get some things done. Both fascinating and humorous, and definitely food for thought.

6) A really fantastic rebuttal to some schmuck who made the mistake of decrying attractive female cosplayers at comicon as “not real geeks” by John Scalzi. “Many people believe geekdom is defined by a love of a thing, but I think — and my experience of geekdom bears on this thinking — that the true sign of a geek is a delight in sharing a thing. It’s the major difference between a geek and a hipster, you know: When a hipster sees someone else grooving on the thing they love, their reaction is to say “Oh, crap, now the wrong people like the thing I love.” When a geek sees someone else grooving on the thing they love, their reaction is to say ‘ZOMG YOU LOVE WHAT I LOVE COME WITH ME AND LET US LOVE IT TOGETHER.’ Any jerk can love a thing. It’s the sharing that makes geekdom awesome.”

7) And finally, for those of you still living in Utah, I present: Goat Man.


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