Here, Read This

…or in some cases, “look at this”, I suppose. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Link #1- A very funny compilation of “one-star” comments left about books generally accepted as “classics” by folks who were… less than impressed. (My personal favorite, because I hate this book- The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (1951)“So many other good books…don’t waste your time on this one. J.D. Salinger went into hiding because he was embarrassed.”)

Link #2- For those of us in jobs where we deal with folks who… though often well meaning, do not always understand exactly what it is that we do, or exactly what we need in order to do it… Clients From Hell.

Link #3- File this under “interesting archaeology”- they are apparently uncovering a 10th century BCE gate near the Sea of Galilee in Israel. That is, to us common folk, OLD.

Link #4- Also in archaeology, but a little closer to home- how many migrations did it take to populate the Americas? Apparently, several. But they had different effects on what would become the various indigenous peoples of the american continents.

Link #5- Not a huge fan of milk? Me, either. I never liked it, and particularly when I was younger, it made my stomach hurt. But that didn’t make the school stop handing it to me every day that I bought a lunch. Because milk builds strong bones!  Drink milk for health! …right? Well, maybe not.

Link #6- If you grew up where I did, in the southern Midwest, crows are fairly common, but ravens are rare enough to be exotic. Thus, I assume that any black bird I see is a crow (there are no grackles or starlings in CA as far as I can tell). So, I kept seeing these enormous black birds swooping around on our office roof, and thinking to myself “Geez, that is one ridiculously huge crow!”. I have seen ravens, of course, here in CA, but I assumed they stuck to the woods and beaches. Nope- those are ravens. A few of them obligingly sat around the other morning long enough for me to compare them to some websites, and… there are certainly some crows up there. And quite a lot of ravens.


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