General Housekeeping

I am going to intersperse some really dang cute pictures of my cats in this post, just to keep your interest. Sorry. Here we go:


So, it has finally come to the time that Stephanie’s and my rather epic photo project, Journey Into The Tarot, has gotten its own website. We’re doing a retrospective, and spending a week on each card we’ve done so far. I’m really enjoying going through them again- I haven’t even looked at a lot of them in months. You should check it out.


Also, I’ve started a photo blog for my own work. Photography is a hobby for me, and that’s fine- I have no interest in going into business on my own. I’ve said it before and it’s still true; the idea of running my own business is my idea of a nightmare. I like to take photos, and I like to edit them, and if I could maybe someday be a freelance travel photographer, that’d be splendid, but… beyond that, I’m happy with “time-consuming hobby”. In any case, I thought it might be nice to have my own little spot of the internet for them, so now they’re here. Have a look, see what you think. I do sell copies of the originals, if for some reason someone would like to buy them.


Matilda (I know, it’s not as good as the boys, but this cat does. not. hold. still.)

Still doing my radio show, Dreamlights. It has a Facebook page now, . I’d love more listeners. Also, I am thinking about archiving my past shows somewhere, as the Party 934 website only keeps up the last month or two. Anyone interested in a cache of old Dreamlights shows? Thoughts on where to host them?

Ok. Serious Business is concluded. Now, check out this awesome Moon Manicure I did on Sunday while watching Captain America!

30s Moon Manicure

30s Reverse French Tips, aka, the Moon Manicure

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