The Blades- A Retrospective

Well, it took the better part of a year, but we have finished the suit of Blades!

Suit of Blades: Faces

We are approximately one-fifth of the way done, and as I look back at the Blades, I have to say that I am pretty dang pleased with how some of them have turned out.

Court of Blades

It started as just a casual idea tossed around in a chat window. But with some research, some persistence, and a couple times of picking ourselves up by the back of the collar and dragging our butts forward, we now have a real something to show for it.

Suit of Blades

I know we’ve both learned a lot from the experience. I like to think I’ve become a much better photographer all ready. We’ve gone places we wouldn’t otherwise have gone, seen things we wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

Court of Blades: Faces

It has been difficult. Scheduling is always challenging for the shoots- Stephanie and I are both busy people with a lot of demands on our time. Often there’s a commute to the shoots themselves that has to be planned for. Editing each batch then takes anywhere from 8-30 hours, depending on how many good shots I end up deciding to work on, and what I do to them. Writing the blogs has to happen, putting the photos on the site has to happen. Borrowing the props and finding the sites takes research, emailing, trips to find or pick up items. It is a time-expensive project, no question.

Suit of Blades: Hands

And yet. Here we are. At the time of this writing, I have just finished editing the Four of Staves, and we shoot the Six on Sunday. We’re plugging away, trying to keep the momentum going. And you know what? I am proud of us. We have stuck with this lovely and complicated and frustrating project in spite of everything.

Court of Blades: Hands

Now- for the Staves!


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