Dreamlights 3/1/2012- Explosions in the Sky

Tracklist and Artists for the Dreamlights Show from 3/1/2012.

  • The Rueful Fate Of Donna Noble
  • The Violet Hour– The Civil Wars
  • Remember Me As A Time Of Day– Explosions In The Sky
  • The Cascades– Fleet Foxes
  • First Breath After Coma– Explosions In The Sky
  • Within Dreams– The Album Leaf
  • I Guess I’m Floating– M83
  • It’s Natural To Be Afraid– Explosions In The Sky
  • The Birth and Death of the Day (Jesu Mix)– Explosions in the Sky
  • Summer Fog– The Album Leaf
  • Infinite Horizons– God Is An Astronaut

Show is available for download here. Look for Nancy- 3/1/2012

2 thoughts on “Dreamlights 3/1/2012- Explosions in the Sky

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