Knight of Blades

Where the pages are childhood and youth, the knights are, to me, young adulthood. 18-35 or so. Thus, where the pages are the part of our lives about beginning a quest, of being a seeker, the knights are about change and information. They symbolize rapid change, swift understandings, game-changing ideals. As this is the knight of blades, this is specifically about information- news coming quickly, or information that changes the way one thinks about things.

Knight of Blades 1.1

Also, I would read this as Internal/Conscious; the piece of oneself that is our conscious dreams and motivations. That which we hope to become, that which we think we are, the way we regard ourselves. It is the actions we take for ourselves, the behaviors and habits we consciously undertake or ignore. In the suit of blades, this is primarily our field of study or work, or the way in which we communicate with others.

Knight of Blades 2.2

We shot these images one morning on the Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge. I had wanted something very different in feel than some of the past images (yes, I was getting fed up with “pretty” again), and I thought the structure of the bridge itself would lend something new and exciting. I was not disappointed.

Knight of Blades 4.1

I had hoped to get more shots where the cars passing beneath were more obvious- I wanted that sense of motion, of speed and change that I think are inherent to this card. I think that only somewhat came across, since I don’t have the equipment to do a long exposure that would show the movement of the vehicles. But I do like the architecture of the bridge itself.

Knight of Blades 5.1

Full set available here.

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