Dreamlights 2/2/2012- Let it W00t!

Tracklist and Artists for the Dreamlights Show from 2/2/2012.

  • Opening Band– Paul and Storm
  • One Simple Idea– Hans Zimmer
  • Frogger! the Frogger Musical– Paul and Storm
  • Nun Fight– Paul and Storm
  • Nugget Man– Paul and Storm
  • Elvis Died Today (On The Occasion Of The Anniversary Of The Death Of Elvis Presley)– Paul and Storm
  • A Better Version of You– Paul and Storm
  • My Hope– Molly Lewis
  • It All Makes Sense At The End– Molly Lewis
  • Texas– Wimmie
  • Our American Cousin– Molly Lewis
  • An Open Letter to Stephen Fry– Molly Lewis
  • The Commander Thinks Aloud– The Long Winters
  • I Crush Everything– Jonathan Coulton
  • Re: Your Brains– Jonathan Coulton
  • Fanitullen– Tapani Varis
  • Skullcrusher Mountain– Jonathan Coulton

Show is available for download here.

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