As I Write This, OccupyWallStreet Is Being Raided.

…the punchline, kids, is “and my husband is recording the live police radio on Audacity for @AnonyOps”.

No, really.

So, I’ve been watching the protest feeds avidly- mainly @OakFoSho’s livestream– and reading all kinds of articles about all the various movements. I’ve got a more coherent post in the works about our experiences at OccupySF and OccupyOakland, particularly at the events of Wed, Oct. 26th and the General Strike on Nov. 2nd,  but in the meantime, it seems silly to keep sitting on all these links.

So- without further ado, I invite you to peruse the links below at your leisure. Good reads, y’all.


Occupy Oakland Events of Tues, Oct. 25-

Private post from a medic involved in the clash with OPD on Oct. 25.

NYTimes article on the police action on Oct. 25.

Another NYTimes article on the events of Oct. 25, with regard to the police force and Mayor Quan.


Occupy Oakland Events of Wed, Oct. 26 –

Brief live-blog from Mother Jones, complete w/ quotes and images from Wed night.

Post from my husband, @kage23, on some clever Occupy propaganda.

Post on the second vet injured in the OccupyOakland protests, hospitalized after a police beating and detention. See also this article from Reuters.

“How I Got Off My Computer And Onto The Street At Occupy Oakland” -great and inspiring blog post by an Oakland resident.

This blew my mind, in the best possible way-  Egyptians march in solidarity with OccupyOakland.


and subsequent General Strike-

Really incredibly inspiring footage of the crowds surging toward the port during the Oakland General Strike of Nov. 2nd.

Interesting opinion piece on the size and scope of the General Strike.

Statement on the controversial occupation of an empty business space in Oakland. See also this image of the handouts circulating relating to it (@kage23 has one of these- it was given to him at the General Strike).

San Jose Mercury News live blog of the General Strike.

CBS coverage of the General Strike, including images.

Some interesting (and opinionated) info on the involvement of the Black Bloc and Oakland Liberation Front, and their involvement at OccupyOakland. See another article about them/it here.


and Developing News in Oakland-

Article on the latest (mostly non-violent) eviction of OccupyOakland, which came early this morning, and involved the arrest of praying persons in the interfaith tent.


On the Occupy Movement in General

Really fantastic piece by the writer otherwise known as Lemony Snicket.

Post in the SF Gate on the worldwide protests of Oct. 15 (see also my post on such).

Everything the Media Has Told You about the Occupy Movement Is Wrong, great op ed in the Huffington Post.

On the age divide and how it’s affecting the Occupy Movement, in US News. (I’m planning to write a post soon about this topic- it’s been really resonating with me.)

10 Ways the Occupy Movement is Changing Everything– just like it says on the tin.


Faith and the Occupy Movement-

NYT post on faith’s involvement in the Occupy Movement. (Please note- my church, Good Shepherd Episcopal in Berkeley, has officially begun the process of moving our money out of Bank of America, has been sending members to march in the Occupy marches, and supports the goals of the Occupy Movement.)

Excellent sermon by my former advisor at the GTU, Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski- for best effect, read aloud. It’s formatted to be a spoken piece.

Great discussion of the meaning and application of “non-violent” by the Rev. Dr. Jay Johnson, also known as my friend, and a professor at the GTU.

Obviously there are many, many more articles and blogs out there, some even which are linked just in the posts above. This is just a sampling. But I think it’s a good one.

Information and opinion are important, and are our rights as citizens. Share mine, share yours, but whatever you do, keep talking.

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