Dreamlights 10/20/2011- Songs for Marching

Tracklist and Artists for the Dreamlights Show from 10/20/2011.

  • Harry Gregson– Williams and David Buckley
  • Throw Them Overboard– Abney Park
  • Your Country– Gogol Bordello
  • American Idiot– Green Day
  • Declare Independence– Bjork
  • Timebomb– Beck
  • The Ghost of Blind Willie Johnson– Tony Furtado
  • How Many Miles Must We March– Ben Harper
  • I Hold No Grudge– Nina Simone
  • Tryin’ Times– Roberta Flack
  • Get Up, Stand Up– Bob Marley
  • River of my People– Pete Seeger
  • The Knave’s Bane– Tony Furtado
  • What a Piece of Work is Man– Hair
  • Fortunate Son– Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Way of Life– Lakota Thunder
  • Prospector Arrives– Johnny Greenwood
  • Star Spangled Banner– Jimi Hendrix
Show is available for download here. (look for Nancy- 20 October 2011)

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