Dreamlights 9/15/2011- “Pirates!!!”

Tracklist and Artists for the Dreamlights Show from 9/15/2011.

  • P is for Pirate– Alestorm
  • Aether Shanty– Abney Park
  • Airship– Circuit23
  • Airship Pirate– Abney Park
  • Johnny At Sea– Afro Celt Sound System
  • Coast of High Barbary– Joseph Arthur
  • Farewell to Nova Scotia– The Pirates Charles
  • Tiller Song– Nancy Kerr and James Fagan
  • My Son John– John C. Reilly
  • The Black Sea– The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra (from the soundtrack Est-Ouest)
  • Rolling Sea– Eliza Carthy
  • Bold Marauder– Mimi and Richard Farina
  • Pirate Jenny– Nina Simone
  • La Mer– The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra
  • The Dreadnought– Jolly Rogers
  • Blood Red Roses– Sting
  • Haul On The Bowline– Bob Neuwirth
  • Long Time Ago– White Magic
  • Death By Blonde– DeVotchka
This weeks show drew heavily from a really fabulous album, Rogues’ Gallery. I highly recommend that everyone go check it out.
Show is available for download here. (look for Nancy- 15 September 2011)

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